Phoenix National Stud

Phoenix Stud came into being after our  first season of breeding from our top competition mares after they retired from competitive work . We knew that there success gave us the platform to breed further competition horses for us to compete . We started developing the stud with our own proven competition mares going to top class stallions and growing the progeny on and after many years of assesing the offspring by not only on talent , conformation and apptitude to the work they were produced for we believe we have come up with the formula required to produce elite competition horses . We have found that having top competition lines and proven parentage isnt always enough . We feel that the real hard work is done within the first few years developing the youngsters eith the right mindset to go on and compete and often we see huge factors from both the dam and sire thrown into the mix. We have many years of knowledge of competing in all disciplines from International showjumping to eventing showing and dressage and have drawn from these experiences for the development of the stud . Running a stud is far more than just a job its most definately NOT a nine to five it 24/7 . It takes a huge amount of dedication and effort to keep things running smoothly and the horses, mares , stallions , youngstock and visiting equines are part of the family and are monitored closely . We believe in old adages of ' the eye of the master maketh the horse fat' . We believe that we know our horses inside  out and offer full break down on personality , habits , ability ,temperament and management required for these youngsters to excel with their new owners. For further information click the images of the team to see a biography

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