ArcEquine – Tissue Repair System

is a drug free, non-invasive, affordable and easy to use system that can be used in the stable and on the lorry. It uses minute, sub-sensory sequences of electrical currents which mimic those naturally occurring within the body. The following are some of the benefits of using microcurrent technology:

Prevent daily micro tissue tears

- from developing into major tissue issues

Kick-start rapid regenerative repair

- to ALL tissue, with minimal / no scarring

Eliminate pain

- whatever the cause

Reduce pre-existing scar tissue

- replacing it with original tissue

Boost the immune system

Reduce anxiety and stress

- and so eliminating many behavioural problems

ArcEquine has been developed after many years of academic and practical research, and with the help of successful National Hunt Trainers, leading riders from all Olympic disciplines and a multitude of other specialists.

ArcEquine has proved highly effective throughout all UK equestrian disciplines and members of the British Olympic equestrian team.

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Lord Caletto GZ wearing his Arc Equine